Generation: C3
Year: 1969
VIN: VIN 194379S--- SCCA __-060, SCCA 11-3136
Race Numbers: 47, 7, 57
Ownership: David Sweet (1969-71)(car broker who received car from original owner....unknown) Terry Keller (1972-1992) Tom Curren (1992-1995) Gary Brooks (1995 - 2012)
Drivers: Bob Gray / Terry Keller (1972-78) Tom Curren (1992-95) Gary Brooks (1995 – 2001)
Status: For sale at Fantasy Junction

Original Color: white with multi-color
Tires/Wheels: 15” cast aluminum racign wheels Hoosier tires
Engine: Originally a 350/ auto Engine replaced with a Crusader Marine 454 bored to 462 cu in and built to L88 specifications Aluminum heads Lunati crankshaft and rods Weisco 12.5:1 pistons Isky camshaft Demon 650 cfm 4 barrel carb GM Skunk Works header and dual exhaust Oil cooler and oil heating system
Driveline: Tex Racing T-101 4-speed manual Tilton 7” triple disc hydraulic clutch 3:73 racing differential Racing drive and half shafts Modified “A” arms Custom 9030 stainless steel sway bar Titanium rear leaf spring Tube shocks and adjustable torque control arms HD brake calipers and mounts Cryogenically treated cast iron rotors NASCAR pads Dual master cylinder Air duct cooling system
Interior: Single racing bucket seat Pro Comp gauges Removable steering wheel Auto Pro full racing seat belt system Dry chemical fire retardant system Full padded roll cage
Condition: restored and for sale at Fantasy Junction
URL: Sebring - The Official History of Americas Great Sports Car Race, 1995, ISBN No 0-9649722-0-4 Corvette News,June/July 1972 Corvette News, June/July 1973 Corvette Corner Magazine, May 1976, Vol 1, No 8 Vette Vues Magazine, May 1976 Vette Vues Magazine, May 1978, Vol 6 No 11
Unique Characteristics: Known as the Orange Blossom Express The only Sebring Corvette to be built, owned and raced by local residents
Modifications: Ultra lightweight body panels, removable hood and front end Brake air ducts Quad headlight system Dual billet racing mirrors Lexan front windshield
Notes/Race History: This car was built over the 1971 winter from a 1969 small block automatic. The engine was replaced with an L88 spec big block as per the engine description above. The car was driven by Terry keller and Bob Gray at Sebring for four specific years: • 1972 at the 12 Hours of Sebring. Raced by Keeler/Gray. Started 44th and finished 17th overall, competing 181 laps, Fisihed 2nd among Corvettes • 1973 at the 12 Hours of Sebring. Raced by Keeler/Gray. Started 26th and finished 24th overall, competing 175 laps, Fisihed 7th among Corvettes • 1976 at the 12 Hours of Sebring. Raced by Keeler/Gray. Started 31st and finished 18th overall, competing 185 laps, Fisihed 1st among Corvettes • 1978 at the 12 Hours of Sebring. Raced by Keeler/Gray. Started 48th and finished 14th overall, competing 197 laps, Fisihed 2nd among Corvettes At the end of the Sebring races, Terry keller parked the car for several years. While in storage the car was converted to a greenwood-style widebody but was not raced in theis form by Keller The car was sold to Tom Curren of Orlando (FL) in 1992. Curren campaigned the car in its widebody format through the early 1980s. In September of 1995 Curren sold the car to Gary Brooks. Gary Brooks (current owner) has compeletely restord the car (frame, engine, suspension, wheels, tires, brakes and other driveline components) to current high performance racing technology standards. The bosy has been reconfigured to the original L88 body style while bringing all components up to modern lightweight materials. • 1991-95 – Gary Brooks races various vintage events • 1997-98 – Gary Brooks races various vintage events • 1999 – gary Brooks races various vintage events • 2001 – Garry Brooks races various vintage events Gary Brooks is now offering the car for sale through Fantasy Junction in the San Fransisco area. The car is legal for HSR and SVRA vintage racing and was granted an SVRA historical Medallion in 1997.
Registry ID Number: 1125

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Courtesy of: Gary Brooks

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