Generation: C1
Year: 1953
VIN: 169
Race Numbers: 209
Ownership: Mick Sweezy
Sponsors: same
Drivers: Mick Sweezy
Status: As raced last in 1966

Original Color: White
Tires/Wheels: 7:00x15
Engine: 235ci / 150hp
Driveline: 1955 three speed manual
Top: black
Interior: Red
Condition: Original as raced in 1960-62 with added roll bar
Unique Characteristics: added 3 speed, roll bar. When found, vin tag was missing . Mick thought the car was a 54, but once time passes discovered it was a 53. In the mean time he added a roll bar, and took his SCCA driving test in the car. In 1960-62 he raced the car at Vacaville in California and beat V-8 Corvette models often.
Notes/Race History: Still in Mick's garage, it may reappear on the race track again soon.
Registry ID Number: 93

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