Generation: C3
Year: 1968
Race Numbers: 94
Ownership: 1. Wilbur Pickett (1920 to ___) 2. Phillip DiPippo (19__ to 19__) 3. John Sloane (?)
Sponsors: Lleldon Blakcwell Chevrolet
Drivers: 1973 Pickett-Bean (Lleldon Blackwell Racing) IMSA only 1972 Delorenzo runs with Daytona team (Lleldon Blackwell Racing) narrow body 1974 Delorenzo-Carter (Lleldon Blackwell Racing) IMSA - wide body format
Status: restored and being shown by John Sloane

Original Color: red with yellow
Unique Characteristics:
Notes/Race History: Wilbur Pickett originally raced a red Corvette in IMSA with Charlie Kemp, under his Holiday Inn sponsorship. Engines were provided by Lleldon Blackwell, which accounts for his logo on the rear fender. However, that car was crashed and written-off. Wilbur then built a second car late in 1972, using an older 1968 as the basis. This car was sponsored by Lleldon Blackwell racing, directly, and shared drivers with Bill Bean. This car ran for two years, at which time Wilbur Pickett retired from racing. At our last update, the car was owned by John Sloane.
Registry ID Number: 818

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Fred Lewis

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