Generation: C2
Year: 1967
VIN: 17527
Race Numbers: 92
Ownership: John Peter Hill, Ron Cassile, Doug Dewar, Kevin Mackay
Drivers: John Peter Hill, Rex Ramsey, Ron Cassile

Original Color: Marina Blue
Tires/Wheels: 6.5 x 15 American Torque Thrust D
Engine: 427 L-88
Driveline: L-88, Rockcrusher M-22 Trans
Interior: Black
Condition: Restored
Unique Characteristics: One of 20 original L-88 cars built in 1967
Modifications: Added roll bar and factory header side exhaust. The car was restored in the early 90's by 3rd owner DOUG DEWAR
Notes/Race History: In 1966 Peyton Cramer the former manager of Shelby American with his partner Paul Dombroski procured a Chevrolet dealership in South Gate California. The business plan for DANA CHEVROLET was to be a high performance dealership. The partners hired a staff of known racers and established a separate race shop. The ROAD RACE PERFORMANCE manager was Dick Guldstrand, and Dale Armstrong was in charge of DRAG RACE PERFORMANCE. The head race mechanic was Bobby Joe MacDonald. John Peter Hill, an experienced straight axel Corvette racer, ordered a killer A/P production convertible and was told that an L88 option was the way to go as DANA had completed 90 percent of the work on a similar optioned coupe for the 1967 Le Mans race for Botany 500 clothiers. Guldstrand wrote the purchase order for Hill and specified Marina blue, black L88 with, NO TOP, NO RADIO, NO HEATER, 3:55 positraction differential and factory HEADER SIDE PIPES. Many of these options were ''delete'' items required when the L-88 was ordered as Chevrolet did not want to encourage sales to anyone but racers. The car was delivered in early June. The car was immediately moved to the race shop for race prep to SCCA rules. The engine was sent out to TRACO for blueprinting while Bobby Joe MacDonald worked his magic on the rest of the car. All the latest Guldstrand legal engineered parts were installed including hard bushings, Heim joint links for the sway bar and solid bushings for better car control. TRACO checked the horsepower before reworking the engine and got a peak of 560 hp. After blueprinting they got 640. The engine was installed back in the car and the GM FACTORY headers that came in the car from Chevrolet were installed. Goodyear Blue Streak 7:00/7:10 racing tires were mounted on the American Torque thrust D wheels. Guldstrand took the car out to Willow Springs Raceway and broke in the drivetrain and quickly shaved time off the existing A production record. John owned and raced the car in A/P Class in California USRRC events at Riverside and Ontario and sold it August 17, 1970 to RON CASSILE, who owned and raced the car until it was involved in a fiery crash crash at RIVERSIDE on March 28, 1980. The Corvette engine blew badly at Riverside turn 2 and spilled oil on the track. Ron pulled the car over to the side as far as he could and got out of it and walked up to the fence away from the track. A PORSCHE 911 ran into the back of the Corvette and exploded, as the fuel cell was ripped in two spilling fuel everywhere. The injured Porsche driver was burned badly. DOUG DEWAR bought the car on August 22, 1980 and owned the car for 32 years. He restored it to 1970 livery as when RON purchased and began his racing career. The VIN TAG AND TRIM TAGS are the originals. The original frame was rebuilt, and major front body clip and rear fender parts were replaced over original cage with original 1967 panels and body parts. DOUG DEWAR passed in 2010, and KEVIN MACKAY purchased the car on March 17, 2012 in California at the DEWAR residence. The Car always used race number 92. The original Roll bar SCCA #19-818 is still stamped on the bar, and COMPLETE LOG BOOKS are with the car since issued in 1973. This L88 has its original Dana paperwork that John Hill gave to Ron Cassile and then gave to Doug Dewar and now in present owner hands.
Registry ID Number: 580

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2nd owner Ron Cassile, Riverside driver school 1970

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