Generation: C6
Year: 2004
VIN: C6R-001
Race Numbers: 3, 63, 5
Ownership: General Motors Corp / Pratt & Miller (2005 to 2006); GLPK race team (2006 to 2007); Phoenix Carsport (2008)
Sponsors: Compuware Klein Tools AER XM-Radio Mobil-1 GM Goodwrench GM-UAW
Drivers: Ron Fellows; Johnny O'Connell; Max papis

Original Color: yellow
Tires/Wheels: Wheels OZ (2004-05) BBS(2006 to present) Front - 18” dia. x 12.5” wide Rear - 18” dia. x 13” wide Tires: Michelin Racing (2005 to present) 290/33-18 (front) 310/41-18 (rear) CHASSIS/DRIVELINE/TRANSMISSION Most of the suspension and driveline components were continuations of the C5R package. But the new C6 and C6R also included specific changes in the chassis. Although the chassis remained as the hydroformed steel unit, there were changes in the overall chassis layout. The new wheelbase is 105.7” (1” shorter) and the overall length of 177.6” was also 5” shorter. The car’s width is 78.7” and height is 45.8”. The front track is 62.2” and the rear track is 63.1”. Vehicle weight is 2425 lb. The suspension design remains as independent front and rear, featuring short/long double wishbones, steel fabricated upper and lower A-arms, machined aluminum knuckle, coil-over multi-adjustable shock absorbers and a mix of anit-roll bars. WHEELS/TIRES OZ wheels were used in 2004-05 but were changed to BBS for 2006. Front wheels are 18” x 12.5”. Rear wheels are 18” x 13” Tires are Michelin racing tires. Front tires are 290/33-18”. Rear tires are 310/41-18” Brakes are 4 wheel disc with monoblock calipers, carbon rotors and pads. BODY /AERO In response to the ALMS changes in regulations, both the chassis and the aerodynamic package changed considerably. The new regulations required more extensive use of the production car's chassis structure, retaining items such as the central drivetrain tunnel, the windshield frame and the rear bumper. Exterior changes in the sixth-generation Corvette include a single, large grille opening for the engine air intake, radiator, and brake cooling; flush headlights for better aerodynamics; and a smaller, sleeker shape that reduced drag. GM Racings assisted with CFD (computational fluid dynamics) analysis before the start of the season, to determine the effects of changes in ride height on the aero balance of the car. Pratt & Miller introduced new low-friction suspension attachments that made the car quicker to react.
Engine: The 2005 season saw the introduction of the LS7.R racing engine, a further refinement of the GM small-block V-8 that has been the world's most successful production-based racing engine over a span of 50 years. Lighter and more powerful than previous Corvette powerplants, the LS7.R shares technology with the production 505 hp LS7 that powers the 2006 Corvette Z06 supercar. The 7.0 litre 427 aluminum engine used for the C5R car continued as the powerplant. It’s core characteristics included 4.180” diameter cylinder bores and a 3.875” crankshaft stroke. The engine uses a dry sump oiling system with electronically managed sequential fuel injection system. Individual runners (versus stock throttle body) and CNC-ported cylinder heads are used to tune the flow of air to the engine. Horsepower and torque were estimated at 590 HP and 640 lb/ft. The electronics package continues to use two Delphi Electronics engine computer-and-ignition systems and a complete Pi Research Systems 6 dashboard display, data acquisition and telemetry system that includes motion sensors on the front and rear suspensions. A Kinsler racing fuel-injection system, with elaborate cross-ram air horns and a composite airbox between the engine and the hood, breathing through an air intake behind the headlamps, is retained. An aluminum motor plate mounts to the front of the block, with a structural aluminum oil pan and a modified stock aluminum front subframe. The engine uses an external mechanical three-stage oil pump and dry-sump lubrication with the oil tank under the fuel tank. While the small-block V-8's fundamentals and configuration remained unchanged, the LS7.R's internal components were designed to reduce horsepower losses due to internal friction and to reduce rotating mass. In addition, the team took a considerable amount of weight out of the engine, helping the balance of the car while also improving performance. For the 2004 season, and up to 2007, the car ran on 100 octane unleaded racing fuel. Commencing in 2008, the ALMS moved to E-85 ethanol fuel. Only minor adjustments were required to respond to the new fuel’s more corrosive characteristics.
Driveline: The question of further transmission changes is being researched. The balance of the drivetrain probably retained the 5.5-in. triple-disc Tilton carbon clutch, and a Pratt & Miller 3.11:1 rear end with Metalore axles and CV joints. More research required.
URL: REFERENCES: David Palmeter web site at: Corvette Racing (US) at: Corvette Motorsport (Europe) at:
Unique Characteristics: UNIQUE FEATURES: Build dates were not commonly included on the serial number plate, for the first few C6R cars. OZ racing wheels are specified but by 2006, the team switched back to BBS
Notes/Race History: RACE HISTORY - SUMMARY by David Palmeter: 2005 Racing Season The new car captured the C6R's first win at the ALMS event at Road Atlanta. Chassis #002 took ost of the C6R wins for 2005. Team Corvette scored a 1-2 GT-1 class win at Le Mans class in 2005, fifth and sixth overall. Car # 64 placed first. Car # 63 placed second. See web site hosted by NCM for precise event results and for a narrative description of the season highlights. In late 2005, C6R-001 was sold to Toine Hezemans (Team Phoenix Racing) and was driven by Mike Hezemans and Jean-Denis Delatraz. In late 2007 (2008) Hezemans sold the C6R-001 to Delatraz but retained him in his team. Hezemans also purchased another car, C6R-005. GM sponsored both cars. For 2009, Carsport Holland left Phoneix Racing and rejoined Peka Racing, with one car (005). The second car (001) remained at Phoenix but was not driven.
Registry ID Number: 504

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Car # 3 at 2005 Laguna Seca - courtesy of General Motors Corp

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