Generation: C4
Year: 1988
VIN: T8811 HU-01
Race Numbers: 76, 59
Ownership: Peerless Automotive (1988-89); Dennis Kazmerowski (1989-90); Paul Canary (1990-91); M.H. (Mike) Leicester (1991-present).
Sponsors: BF Goodrich BRAVO Mobil 1 DELCO Peerless Automotive Eagle Engines
Drivers: Peerless Racing (1988-89): Jack Baldwin, David Hobbs,Jacques Villeneuve, and Scott Goodyear Eagle Racing (1990 Le Mans Attempt) Paul Canary, Dennis Kazmerowski, John Greenwood and Dave Vagher. Future owner (Mike Leicester) was also at Le Mans with the team.
Status: The car is in as-raced condition from the LeMans attempt.

Original Color: red and white
Tires/Wheels: Front: 12 x 16 BBS with BF Goodrich slicks (405/35 ZR17) Rear: 14 x 16 BBS with BF Goodrich slicks 335/30 ZR 17)
Engine: Original engine built by Brad Francis was a 6 liter, 366 cu in Chevrolet, using DART heads, DELCO ignition. When it was decided to take the car to Le Mans, an Eagle V8 10.2 liter, 4-cam, 32-valve engine was installed. Engines were built by John Schueck of Eagle Engines in Santa Barbaara (CA).
Driveline: Hewland VGC 5-speed transaxle with 3.10:1 final drive ratio Monocoque aluminum chassis Wheelbase: 106.5 inches Length: 188 inches Width: 79 inches Height: 41 inches Curb Weight: 2000-2200 pounds 31.7 gallon fuel cell Delco computer-controlled C1000 coil-over shocks Rack and pinion steering Kevlar Fiber/Epoxy body panels
Interior: The interior was stark, fitted only with the essentials for system instrumentation. The driver sat in a semi-reclining position facing a small diameter steering wheel.
Condition: Unrestored, as prepared for Le Mans, with the 10.2 liter Eagle engine. Plans include the preservation of the Eagle engine and replacing it with a standard racing small block Chevrolet engine, for vintage racing purposes.
URL: CORVETTE GTP, by Alex Gabbard, printed by Howell Press, Charlottesville, VA. $34.95 160 pages with color and racing record index. ISBN 1-57427-057-5 “P Car”, by Richard Taylor, photos by Guy Mangiamele, Sports Car International, vol 7, No: 1, January 1991, pages 20-24.
Unique Characteristics: Chassis designation began with the loaned L-710/01, then all three updated cars in the T-8610 line, then the single T-8710 Lola built car and the single T-8811 (mis-labelled as 8810). This last car was the Peerless Racing GTP. The GTP cars were also raced with two body styles… long tail and short tail. When Peerless Automotive ordered this last chassis, a deal struck with Chevrolet to provide engine and wind tunnel development. Tom Christmann has provided some recollections from the Operation Manager of the Peerless Car that clarify how they modified the tail section: ... It was determined that the front fenders needed to be widened (probably due to Satchell's suspension changes). A new wider nose was built and debuted at Road America . The car blew 2 engines in practice barely completing one lap and was withdrawn. It went back to the Tunnel and it was discovered that the wider nose was inadvertently starving all airflow to the side radiator intakes. That is the reason for the egg crate type side intake grills afterwards. Note that the Eagle Le Mans configuration deleted those grills. Bad idea... Later at Del Mar, midway through the race, the car came by with one tail pod missing. It was my job to recover all lost parts and I searched mightily after the race at each corner, even asking Jack to give me a clue where it came off. Years later, Jerry B. Howard told me that he was a photographer on that corner and saw a spectator jump the fence, grab the souvenir and disappear. A new tail would be $10,000 to be rushed in from England and it was decided to hard mount the wing and bob the tail pods. The resulting design had more to do with how much could be salvaged. As an afterthought, it was decided to update the taillights to the then current Corvette shape.
Modifications: This chassis was incorrectly numbered when it left the factory. It was a V8 and should have been designated as 8811/01 (with 11 designating V8 chassis…as per 711/01). So the 8810 chassis tag was returned to Lola and they issued the 8811/01 tag.
Notes/Race History: When the Peerless team purchased the last GTP, Chevrolet agreed to provide engine and wind tunnel development. A variation of the Hendrick short tail was introduced, as was a new nose and side intakes. The track was also widened. In the end the car suffered from aerodynamic quirks and an unreliable engine program. While it was run in the IMSA series with Peerless it was drive by Villeneuve, Goodyear, Hobbs & Baldwin. The best finish being a 4th at the Columbus race. At the Glen, it was in 4th place with 3 laps to go when a rear tire exploded so DNF'd. It ran in roughly 7 IMSA races in 88 & 89. The car was sold to IMSA Camel Lights driver, Dennis Kazmerowski, at the end of the 1989 season. In turn, Dennis joined forces with Paul Canary to form Eagle Performance to take the car to Le Mans in 1990. They installed a 10.2 liter, 4 cam, 32 valve engine built by John Schuek of Eagle Engines in Santa Barbara (CA). The engine was based on a basic big block Chevy layout and produced just over 900 HP at 5500 RPM. The scheduled drivers for LeMans were Paul Canary, Dennis Kazmerowski, John Greenwood and Dave Vagher. Future owner (Mike Leicester) was also in Le Mans with the team. The car was taken to Le Mans for the practice and qualifying days in May. During practice the car was smoking heavily and suffering from over-heating. Times were not on pace. Le Mans also requires night time practice and qualifying for each driver. During the night time qualifying session the alternator on the car went out & it stopped on track when the battery voltage went below 8 volt which shut down the electronic ignition. Not being able to get the car back to the pits all the drivers did not get qualified so the car was not allowed to run and did not qualify for the race. The car was sold to Mike Leicester in 1991. He has owned the car since that time.
Registry ID Number: 372

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