Generation: C1
Year: 1962
VIN: 6005
Race Numbers: 5
Ownership: Irwin Kroiz
Sponsors: Alan Green Chevrolet
Drivers: Jerry Grant/Pat Piggott

Original Color: White
Tires/Wheels: 5.5 x 15
Engine: 327/360hp
Driveline: 4 sp, RPO 684 Brake and Suspension, and 24 gallon tank converted to 37 gallon
Interior: black
Condition: Restored
Unique Characteristics: on of 65 cars with big tank. One of very few with 37 gallon conversion
Modifications: roll bar and race mods
Notes/Race History: Allen Green Chevrolet in Seattle, WA sponsored car. Jerry Grant and Pat Piggott drove the car at Sebring 12 hours. DNF due to fuel problems.Raced in the Northwest Region 27, Oregon and Northern California. Found in 1984 in Seattle just like it was when parked after the 62 race season. Restored by owner in the late 90's.
Registry ID Number: 313

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2004 Carlisle Race Car Reunion courtsey David Palmeter

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