Generation: C1
Year: 1953
VIN: E53F001211
Race Numbers: 27, 62
Ownership: Chevrolet Engineering/Nascar Bill France / Jack Hawkins Gray Tuttle, Terry Michaelis
Sponsors: Chevrolet/Nascar- Duel branded effort
Status: E53F001211. The Mauri Rose Engineering Build order #17395-1 dated Nov. 3, 1955 said REBUILD CORVETTE CARS TO INCORPORATE SPECIAL W/S SCREENS, RIGHT SIDE PLASTIC COVERS, FURNISH WITH 1956 V-8 ENGINE TO THE LATEST 1956 CORVETTE SPECS WITH DUEL 4-BBL CARB....ETC.....ETC….. This Daytona Beach NASCAR 1953 Corvette Convertible, VIN #E53F001211, Chevrolet Engineering #3950, Race #27 is one of two, a 1953 and a 1955, that were reclaimed from the depths of Chevrolet Engineering to be equipped with dual four high output 1956 engines, 3 speed close ratio transmissions, heavy duty stock car racing rear end assemblies (3.27 gear ratio), plastic tonneau covers, small racing windshields and relocated gages per Mauri Rose. Work was done by Chevrolet Experimental Shop and Garage, subject title: “Rebuilding of NASCAR Corvettes for Stock Car Racing.” Delivered to NASCAR/Daytona Beach in time for the NASCAR Sanctioned Performance Trials and The Flying Mile competition and promotional photos with Bill France in the dark (black) helmet driving our car, number 211. Also, may have worn race #62 at NASCAR tracks in the Carolinas (Raleigh) on August 20th, 1955. After Daytona Speed Week, the pair of cars were raced at NASCAR's Bowman Gray Stadium in Winston-Salem, NC with drivers Pee Wee Jones and Billy and Bobby Myers and were maintained by Hubert Westmoreland for NASCAR sports car races. This Dual Branding NASCAR/Chevrolet Engineering effort involved Briggs Cunningham, John Fitch, Z.A. Duntov, Ed Cole, and over 125 engineers and several 1953 to 1955 Corvettes that culminated with a win at Sebring in 1956 with John Fitch driving a 1955 Chevrolet Engineering Corvette VIN #1194 of which spared the Corvette from extinction. Documented with the Chevrolet Engineering department build orders and vintage photos from Chevrolet and the NASCAR archives! Polo White paint with Sportsman Red interior and Blue racing stripes. This is the earliest known Corvette to run NASCARs sanctioned events... and maybe the earliest Corvette VIN to ever race thus A PIONEER OF SPEED. Credit must be given to Loren Lundberg for without his help the true identity of VIN #211 could have been lost forever and Gray Tuttle of Clinton, NC who bought #211 from NASCAR/Jack Hawkins in 1958 and was extremely helpful in identifying the 'bones'. Others who participated in #211s history are: John Hutchins, Noland Adams, Dave Bartush, David Burroughs, Tim Jones, Chocalote Myers, Chevrolet archives, and the Daytona Beach NASCAR archives. Invited to be part of the Competition Corvette display at the Corvette Nationals show on November 17th and 18th, 2012 and recently invited to the 2014 Amelia Island Concours d'Elegance that took place on March 9, 2014. A historically important car that was body-off restored in 2013/2014 as built by Chevrolet Engineering for NASCAR sportscar activities. Go to: to read about the CE cars that saved the Corvette. Additional Information always Wanted: Email:

Original Color: White
Tires/Wheels: 5x15
Engine: 265 V-8 test car
Driveline: 3 Speed
Top: Black
Interior: Red
Condition: Restored
Unique Characteristics: Gray Tuttle from Clinton, NC bought the car from Jack Hawkins/ Nascar who was at Daytona in 1956 when the cars were unloaded off the GM trucks. Gray owned #211 and worked on #1399 the sister car, and has supplied photos in October 2012 of the cars on the beach with Bill France Jr. and driver Jack Hawkins. Gray dated Jack Hawkins sister and received the MSO signed off by GM to NASCAR. Over 125 Chevrolet Engineering team members have been acknowledged on the original Chevrolet Engineering Build Orders that are with both cars.
Modifications: SEE for a very complete history on the car
Notes/Race History: 1) VIN #E53F001211 2) older restoration 3) White/Red/Black 4) period correct blue flame six with powerglide 5) rumored: reclaimed from depths of Chevy Engineering 6) rumored: body and drivetrain switch at Chevy engineering 7) rumored: equipped with a V8, 3-speed, & 1955-'56 rear end 8) rumored: donated to NASCAR for their SCORAD dirt track races 9) rumored: SCORAD = Sports Car Owners and Drivers 10) rumored: raced February 1956 at Daytona Speed Week events 11) rumored: track use in NASCAR events in North Carolina until 1957 12) rumored: had NASCAR kit/small plate windscreen & fiberglass half tonneau 13) rumored: sold in 1958 to a 16 year old 14) rumored: names associated with this car or people who may have knowledge: Alex Hawkins, Joe Hawkins, Smokey Yunick, John Hayes, Dave Bartush, Loren Lundberg, John Amgwert, Noland Adams, Dick Robinson, Frank Burrell, Ed Roche of NASCAR archives, the France family. 15) fact: has V8 frame 16) fact: 3-speed firewall/probably 1955 re-body at GM 17) fact: has early clutch & brake pedal assembly 18) fact: transmission tunnel reworked 19) fact: had 1/2 tonneau cover 20) fact: weird gas tank cover 21) fact: extra holes inner fender & firewall 22) fact: extra holes in frame 23) fact: had mid mount tranny bracket (welded) 24) fact: has a (L-8-5) December 8th, 1955 (1956) rear end Part number 3707306 25) fact: body is not typical 1953 26) fact: could find no shop order plate 27) fact: could find no frame numbers 28) fact: listed in the 7th edition of the 1953-'55 Corvette Registry as being in Florida. The story is it is a 1953 with a 53-55 Engineering body with the above mechanical changes and was sent and given to Bill France Sr., for NASCAR use at the February 1956 Daytona Speed Week events, and later track use in NASCAR events in North Carolina thru 1957. More research to follow
Registry ID Number: 162

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