Generation: C1
Year: 1960
VIN: 00867S 103781
Race Numbers:
Ownership: Chuck Klein
Sponsors: Self
Drivers: Chuck Klein
Status: searching for car

Original Color: white
Tires/Wheels: 15 x 5,
Engine: 283/230, 283/300
Driveline: 4 sp RPO 687 added
Top: Hard
Interior: black
Condition: missing
Unique Characteristics: Driven , raced and enjoyed
Modifications: Original 230 hp engine modified to Metallic brake linings; quick steering adapter; 4-speed trans.; HD shocks; 3/2 Rochester carbs on Edelbrock with straight linkage; dual point dist; Mallory coil; 097 cam w/solid lifters; fully insulated spark plug wires; fuel return system. changed to 270hp solid cam, 4 speed, 3.70 positraction.
Notes/Race History: Chuck bought the car new. It was his 18th Birthday and HS Graduation gift. He modified it with the DUNTOV 097 solid cam and added 3x2 Rochester carbs and a 4 speed trans and raced it in NHRA Drags in B/MP class. Also raced Flynners 5/8 mile Dirt Track, Hamilton, OH 1960-1962 Set the track record in 1962. Raced Beechmont Drag Strip, NHRA Sanctioned drag strip, Cincinnati, OH 1960-1962. Drove the car across country twice to California for work after college
Registry ID Number: 1476

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Chuck Klein , Beechmont Drag Strip, Cincinnati 1960

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