Generation: C3
Year: 1968
VIN: 194678s411493
Race Numbers: 3, 6, 8, 9, 11, 13, 81, 88
Ownership: Yenko Chevrolet - Sunary DX Oil (1968 to 1970); Ross Martin/John Sullivan - Quaker State (1970 to 1974); Joseph Searles (1974 to 1991); Kevin Mackay (1991 to 2000); Larry Bowman 2000 to ??); Irwin Kroiz (?? to current).
Sponsors: Sunray DX; Quaker State Oil; Yenko Chevrolet
Drivers: Dave Morgan 1968 12 Hours of Sebring Hap Sharp 1968 12 Hours of Sebring Dave Dooley at SCCA events Fred Kepler (1970 to 1974); Joe Searles in the mid 70's.
Status: Car is restored for historic racing

Original Color: Polar White w. Black interior
Tires/Wheels: 15" Firestone
Engine: L88 (prototype - February 1968 delivery. One of four early-release open-chamber heads, susbsequent to the three AIR early-release open-chamber heads)
Driveline: The car was ordered with options M22, J56, F41 and a 4.56:1 rear axle ratio.
Interior: Although technically not available with the heater-defroster delete, the car was picked-up at St. Louis and did have the heater and defroster deleted… the car was never intended to be registered for the road.
Condition: Fully restored and used for historic racing in the # 3 Sebring 1968 colors
Unique Characteristics: Although Yenko's Sunray DX team arrived at the 1968 Daytona event with three cars in the DX colors, the L88 prototype was not among them. Due to delivery problems, Yenko had to quickly prepare a red big block off his showroom floor. This car ran as the # 29 car at Daytona. The # 3 car, which was Yenko's prototype L-88, one of four with the new open-chamber heads,made its debut at Sebring 1968. Tony DeLorenzo contributed two other cars to the team. One was his 1967 L88 which had been the 1967 Sebring class winner. The other car was a 1968 that had been delivered with a normal 427 but DeLorenzo rebuilt the engine to L88 specs. You can tell the cars apart in pictures of the era by their numbers, and also by the hood emblems. This car featured the YENKO and 427 logos on the hood scoop. The 1967 car had only the 427 emblem and the other car had only the YENKO emblem.
Modifications: When the SUNRAY DX Oil Company was bought out by SUNOCO (after the Sebring event) that put an end to the YENKO/DX racing program. Yenko's # 3 L-88 car was raced for a few more races and then sold to the QUAKER STATE Oil Company and painted in their colors. The change in ownership and management was quite rapid, however, so the car ran its first race (Kepler driving) still with the SUNRAY colors and QUAKER STATE decals, minus the YENKO hood and rear deck emblems. It was painted in full green and white QUAKER STATE colors shortly after that. There were some changes made to the car over this period of time but it's hard to distinguish them. The rollbar evolved into a more complete cage as people got a better understanding of the roll this tubing could play in stiffening the chassis and, of course, all the other pieces underneath would change as rules permitted. The engine and drivetrain were probably replaced many times, as engines were blown. Amazingly, however, the body stayed the same; only the paint changed. The QUAKER STATE deal ran from early 1970 to 1973.
Notes/Race History: The car was originally order and prepped by Ralph Morrison who was Yenko's crew chief. It was driven by Dave Morgan, Hap Sharp and Dave Dooley at various endurance events in 1968. It's interesting that this car was also registered to race at LeMans in 1969 along with the other 1968 car sponsored by DX. Neither car actually ran in that race, however, as t was delayed to the fall, due to student riots. The car next went to Ross Martin and John Sullivan who were the cover for the QUAKER STATE oil company. They purchased the car in 1970 and it was driven by Fred Kepler, as the main driver, in the green and white Quaker State colors. Fred won the SCCA A-Production Northeast Division title in 1973. The third owner, John Searles, picked the car up in 1974 and then crashed it at the Watkins Glen 6 hour race. John continued to race through to 1977. After that the engine was taken out and the chassis/body was parked. Kevin purchased the car in August of 1990 and restored it as the cut-away display car. It was subsequently put back to fully restored race condition and sold to Larry Bowman, then Irwin Kroiz.
Registry ID Number: 146

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