Generation: C1
Year: 1956
VIN: E56S001009
Race Numbers: 7
Ownership: CHEVROLET: Doane Chevrolet
Sponsors: CHEVROLET/ MAX GOLDMAN, ERNIE ERICKSON listed as Raceway Enterprises.
Drivers: Ernie Erickson / Chuck Hassan

Original Color: White
Tires/Wheels: 7:00 / 7:10 x 15 racing FIRESTONE SUPER SPORT 170 on special HALIBRAND 15/5.5 wheels
Engine: 265/ 240hp with 2X4 carbs per ENGR #6911
Driveline: 3 speed
Top: NA
Interior: CUT DOWN WINDSHIELD, SPECIAL TACH AND TONNAU COVER, beige interior with red carpet and red driver seat
Condition: RESTORED
Unique Characteristics: Chevrolet sent 5 Corvettes to SEBRING in 1956. This car was the only real 1956 chassis and body car. It was purchased by Engineering from Manfacturing and sold thru Don Allen Chevrolet in Miami and driven to Sebring by Frank Burrell, the crew chief for all Corvette cars at Sebring.The car was originally painted black, but changed to white / blue strips and beige interior but with red carpet and a red driver seat. Special SR-racing suspension with special finned brake drums and screened backing plates for cooling were added to the car by engineering. John and Sally Neas of Tulsa, OK own the car today and had Dick Robinson restore it to a high degree of excellance. ERNIE ERICKSON / CHUCK HASSEN raced the car at SEBRING, March 23-24, 1956. The Fitch / Hangsen # 1 C/M Corvette modified car placed 1st in class and 9th OA. The Goldman / Crawford # 6 car finished 15th. The Davis / Gatz # 3 blue Carl Beuhler III car finished 23rd. It really was owned by Doane Chevrolet in Dundee, IL. This car, # 7 driven by Erickson / Hassan, was a DNF on the 22nd lap due to a cylinder head failure. The # 5 Duncan / Eager Corvette lost its driveshaft on the 3rd lap and also was a DNF. This car was later driven by Max Goldman at Cumberland and Elkhart Lake in C/M later in 1956 and was the top finishing Corvette in both races. It also set the record at Haven Hill climb.
Modifications: Per Engineering # 6903 or #6905
Notes/Race History:
Registry ID Number: 109

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