Generation: C1
Year: 1956
VIN: 1955 chassis #194
Race Numbers: 1
Ownership: David Bartush John Baldwin restored the car. Harry Yeaggy Chuck Ungurean collection in 2010.
Sponsors: Ray Crawford, which was really CHEVROLET in disguise.
Drivers: John Fitch / Walt Hansgen
Status: Chuck Ungurean collection in 2010.

Original Color: White / Beige
Tires/Wheels: 7:00/7:10x15 FIRESTONE Super Sport 170 on Special HALIBRAND 5.5 x15 Wheels
Engine: 307 cu inch SPECIAL V-8 with DUNTOV special camshaft. Ran as C/M Class.
Driveline: SPECIAL German ZF-4 SPEED
Top: NA
Interior: Beige with special tonneau cover on passanger side. Special tach. beige with red carpet, red seat
Condition: Restored. Described here for race SEBRING 3-23-56.
Unique Characteristics: This car, engineering # 6901 built on a 55 chassis #194 that was powered by a special 307 cu. inch V8, and ZF 4-Speed transmission. Special SR HD Suspension similar to 581, with special shocks, special springs, finned brake drums, with screened backing plates and special "ears" to induct cool air into the back of the brake system. This car may have been raced preped at Smokey Yunick's shop in Daytona.
Modifications: This car set practice records in January of 150.583 certified by NASCAR prior to February Speed Week. John Fitch is pictured in the previous file with the car in high fin and factory wheel configuration in January 17,1956. The Halibrand special wheels had cracked, so the car had steel wheels. The high fin was removed after the January Daytona week,and the car returned to a more production appearance. Duntov ran 147.30 on Feb 22, 1956. Duntov said the sand conditions were not as good as January. By March 23,1956 the high fin had been removed, new improved Halibrand wheels installed and the car was entered in the 12 hour SEBRING Race. This car later raced as the 1956 #1 car at Sebring in March 56 and finished 9th overall and 1st in class in B / Modfied. John Fitch and Walt Hansgen were the drivers at Sebring. On May 4 and 5,1956 Paul Goldsmith did an ACCEPTANCE TEST DPG HIGH SPEED OVAL at Daytona's new track. He was instructed to drive the course 10 laps each at 110mph, 120mph, and 130mph. Then five laps each at 140mph and 150mph. Day two , runs were to be flat out. Goldsmith was timed at 157.27mph on his best flat out run.
Notes/Race History:
Registry ID Number: 107

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GM Archives: SEBRING March 23, 1956

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