Generation: C1
Year: 1956
VIN: 1955 chassis # VE55S001194.
Race Numbers: 1
Ownership: Chevrolet Engineering
Sponsors: Chevrolet
Drivers: Zora Duntov for Speed Week Flying Mile Feb 22,1956. John Fitch/ Walt Hansgen drove at Sebring in March 23,1956.
Status: restored

Original Color: white
Tires/Wheels: 15 x 5.5 Halibrand originally, but changed back to stock 15 x 5 steel. 6:70 / 7:00 x 15 FIRESTONE Super Sport 170
Engine: Modified 307 V8
Driveline: German ZF 4-Speed
Top: NA
Interior: BEIGE, red carpet
Condition: Restored by John Baldwin
Unique Characteristics: There are many questions and opinions about race Corvettes at Daytona Speed Week the week of Feb 22, 1956. Initially there were two Corvettes built for the SPEED WEEK events. A modfied 53 chassis car, #E53F001211 with the 55 body. A newer 1955 chassis #VE55F001399 had the body from Eng. #5951 (a 54) MINUS the fin and belly pan that were on it at the DESERT PROVING Ground. The cars were rebuilt by GM Engineering using 1955 V-8 engines, 3 speed close ratio transmissions. This car, engineering # 6901 built on a 55 chassis #194 was powered by a special engineering 307 cu. inch V8 engine that was found with the car. Photos and engineering drawings document its codes as 02435 04 F56GT. The special German ZF 4-Speed transmission is one of two made for Chevrolet for evaluation. The car also had a HIGH TORQUE 3:70 POSITRACTION differential, also an engineering item. During the February 1956 SPEED WEEK events this car and two modified 55 body cars with NASCAR Stickers attached appeared on the sands. Two other 56 body engineering cars #6903 and 6905 with production 265cu inch , 3 speed drivelines were the two original designated cars. Smokey Yunick had very close ties to NASCAR, Bill France and Ed Cole and Smokey did work on the early 50's Corvete racing program.
Modifications: This car set practice records in January of 150.583 certified by NASCAR prior to February Speed Week. In February, officials were upset with the Halibrand mag wheels and high fin, so Chevrolet removed the items and returned the car to a more production appearance. Duntov ran 147.30 on Feb 22, 1956. Duntov said the sand conditions were not as good as January. This car later raced as the 1956 #1 car at Sebring in March 56 and finished 9th overall and 1st in class in B / Modfied. John Fitch and Walt Hansgen were the drivers at Sebring. On May 4 and 5,1956 Paul Goldsmith did an ACCEPTANCE TEST at GM's Desert Proving Ground HIGH SPEED OVAL in Mesa, Arizona. He was instructed to drive the course 10 laps each at 110 mph, 120 mph, and 130 mph. Then five laps each at 140 mph and 150 mph. Day two , runs were to be flat out. Goldsmith was timed at 157.27mph on his best flat out run. A letter of repermand was filed with Goldsmith and Corvette Engineering for going excessive speed at DPG, as it was a test tract....not a race track.
Notes/Race History:
Registry ID Number: 105

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