Generation: C1
Year: 1954
Race Numbers: 245
Ownership: J.B. Rose mechanic George Moore
Sponsors: CHEVROLE and E.B. Rose
Drivers: Carroll Shelby

Original Color: white
Engine: 283/Engine F122EK ( unrestored unusual early Chevrolet Blackwidow 283/283HP factory Corvette race engine )removed from wrecked former 1957 Factory Sebring racecar ( in 1957 ) sold to Owner/Driver Eb Rose of Houston, Texas from Ed Cole during 1957 AMA ban on racing.
Driveline: PROTOTYPE 4 SPEED:The transmission is stamped WC1072....March 10th 1957 W=Warner division C=March 10=10th day of month 7=1957 2=second shift all cast iron tail shaft is cast 0-146256. ( experimental casting # )
Condition: On May 19, 1957, E.B. Rose entered a former Sebring race car that he bought from Ed Cole and had been repainted black with rose hardtop and cove and hired Carroll Shelby to drive it at Cumberland. Later in 1957 E.B. Rose wrecked the 1957 Black/Rose color former Sebring car. Eb Rose was hurt and the car was heavily damaged. Upon return to Houston..EB agreed to give the wrecked racecar to his friend and mechanic George Moore. George proceeded to remove the blue flame drive train from his 1954 Corvette and transplanted the former Sebring drive train from the wrecked racecar into his 54 Corvette. In 2007, the drive train was removed and brought to Bloomington Gold Special Collection
Unique Characteristics:
Notes/Race History:
Registry ID Number: 100

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