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2004-present Delmo Johnson, Collins Brothers

The rebuild and update was allegedly financed without regard to cost by Houston developer Jerry Chalmers, a 30 Year SCCA competitor.  Big bore production based sports cars had become virtual “silhouette racers” with lighter bodywork, tube frames and elaborate roll cages.  The car was painted in Mecom’s traditional Nassau blue and white stripe livery and numbered #00, reminiscent of Delmo Johnson’s Grand Sport Coupe chassis #005 that he raced in 1965.

The car is currently offered for sale by Collins Brothers Jeep in Texas.  Information on their web site emphasizes the pedigree of the car.  For example, the Collins Brother’s press material states that three of the principals involved in racing the Grand Sports have owned or driven this car:  John Mecum, Alan Sevadjian, and Delmo Johnson.

The evolution of the car is also explained in the Collins Brother’s write-up but some facts vary. These have been noted and some grammar has been updated:

“…After many years in retirement Delmo was encouraged by some Texas Racer Friends to come out of retirement.   He acquired this, his last race car in the early 90’s from his old friend John Mecum.

The car began life in 1967 as a race car. The car had a distinguished racing history, having been driven by the likes of Fred Whitehead and Alan Sevadjian. It was Fred Whitehead who finished first at the 1979 SCCA runoffs before being disqualified, due to a protest by Andy Porterfield.  The car was then sold to JT Chalmers who drove it for the 1980 and 81 seasons. The car was offered to Alan Sevadjian to drive at the Run-Offs in 1982 but, unfortunately, Alan crashed the car at Road Atlanta in 1982 when the throttle stuck. The car flipped many times, but Alan emerged unscathed, placing an exclamation point on the importance of safety systems. The car was rebuilt and prepared to 1974 IMSA (International Motor Sports Association / SCCA GT1 specifications by Alan Sevadjian’s shop, in Texas.


Delmo Johnson can be reached at:

c/o Collins Brothers
3101 W. FM544
Wylie, TX.    75098

(972) 442-6189
(800) 699-JEEP
(972) 442-2123 Fax




1975-1976 Hoffman Neighbor Eagle
1977 Hoffman Neighbor Wrangler
1978-1979 Fred Whitehead
1981 Alan Sevadjian
1982-2004 JT Chalmers
2004- Delmo Johnson, Collins Brothers

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